Electromechanical sirens SAIP (City sirens, fire department)

SAIP, the Alert and Information System for the Populations

City sirens, fire department, national alert system

Emergency population warning electromechanical sirens

The Population Alert and Information System (SAIP) is a set of tools to warn the population in a given area of imminent danger and to inform them about the nature of the risk and the behaviour to adopt. It is based on the multicasting of messages, and therefore brings together different vectors as well as trigger software enabling mayors and prefects to ensure the protection of their population.


We carry out all the compliance of warning sirens CITY, FIRE DEPARTMENT, NATIONAL ALERT SYSTEMS, on all kinds of brands of electronic sirens. We carry such compliance either by a remote radio digital secured system or by a programmed automation.

Case Study and Solutions

Thanks to our large experience in the population alert field, ORSON is able to offer its services and competences to realize a case study with your collaboration, and define your specifications in accordance with the regulation and the Emergency Action Plan of your country.

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