Electronic sirens PPI, POI

Electronic emergency population warning sirens PPI, POI

Electronic sirens

Emergency population warning sirens PPI, POI

All our electronic sirens are designed to meet the highest requirements in terms of population alert. They are in accordance with the European applicable regulation.

With over 10 000 installations in Europe and around the world, and 70 years of experiences, and thanks to the high quality of our expertise, we will offer you the product that is best suited to your needs. Those products will absolutely cover your needs as they are perfectly adaptable to the topography of your site. The modularity of our systems makes coverage customizable.

Our high-power electronic sirens can deliver all kinds of signals. (NATIONAL WARNING SIGNAL, MONHTLY TEST, END ALERT, customized VOICE MESSAGES, CHEMICAL EMERGENCY, FIRE ALERT, FLOOD ALERT, PPI and POI sirens and anything on request). Our sirens can be autonomous (solar power) Optional

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