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Our experts will answer all your questions on the installation of PPI-POI population alert sirens, maintenance or rental as well as the implementation of a SAIP or PPMS system.


Engineering and consulting

Our engineering office will provide you with a complete analysis to install your Population Alert and Information System (SAIP system) in accordance with specifications and respecting your PPI and/or POI constraints and obligations.


Acoustic test & diagnostics

In real condition

We offer you the opportunity to test a complete range of low to high-power electronic and pneumatic population warning sirens directly on your site in real conditions.


Turn-key solutions

With more than 20 years of experience in population alert and information systems, we are able to offer you a turnkey service from the design to the installation of your population alert sirens.


Commissioning and training

Orson France assists you with the commissioning of your alert systems and trains you in the event of an alert for any type of major risk.


After sales service

For the maintenance and upkeep of your warning sirens, we draw up preventive & curative contracts or “framework” contracts. We are able to intervene rapidly throughout France.

Ask for a test of a warning siren in real condition

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Engineering and Consulting

ORSON France the specialist in public warning sirens

Geographical, technical and acoustic study

Siren study

With 20 years of experience, we carry out comprehensive and detailed tailormade studies, according to specifications and respecting your constraints and obligations PPI and/or POI.

Need a custom study to install a warning siren PPI, POI, PPMS?

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Warning siren for rent

Emergency population warning siren for rent

Short and long term Siren or Cleaning system rental

PPI, POI, PPMS or SAIP Warning siren for rent

Whether for a siren PPI, POI, PPMS or a cleaning system, we are able to rent you, for a short or long term, the material that meets your specific needs.

Rental request for emergency population warning siren

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Maintenance and upkeep

Maintenance and upkeep of the warning sirens PPI, POI, PPMS

Maintenance and upkeep of the emergency population warning sirens

Preventive and curative maintenance

  • We intervene in all France on all types of warning sirens to the population (PPI – POI – PUI – PPMS – SAIP).
  • We draw up preventive & curative contracts and are able to intervene within 72 hours.
  • Our technicians are authorized to intervene in all communities and on all sites SEVESO 2 (Chemical risks N2 – Electrical BR, BC, … – Works in height – …).
  • Our company certified MASE – UIC since 2011 engages our technicians in the professionalism and the respect of safety rules.

Where to find us?

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Acoustic test

Orson France offers tests and acoustic diagnostics in real conditions.

Siren acoustic test

Test organized in real conditions

To better guarantee an expected acoustic result, we organize on-site audibility tests with you and your teams.
Whether for PPIPOIPPMS or Public Address signals, a test in real conditions makes it possible to precisely validate the needs in order to reach the objectives in terms of audibility.

It also helps to better define the trigger system adapted to your needs.

It improves the definition of your needs and the search for adapted solutions.

ORSON France

Global Solutions Consulting, engineering, commissioning and maintenance

Engineering, study, consulting and installation of acoustic solutions
PPI/POI Emergency Population Warning Sirens, sound and air cleaning systems.

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