Legislation for emergency population warning sirens

In Europe, the catastrophic accident in the Italian town of Seveso in 1976 prompted the adoption of legislation on the prevention and control of such accidents. The so-called Seveso-Directive was later amended in view of the lessons learned from later accidents such as Bhopal, Toulouse or Enschede resulting into Seveso-II. In 2012, Seveso-III was adopted taking into account, amongst others, the changes in the Union legislation on the classification of chemicals and increased rights for citizens to access information and justice. It replaces the previous Seveso II directive.

In any case, each one of our products do comply with European regulation.


PPI and POI warning signals vocabulary

PPI : Specific Response Plan
POI : Internal Operation Plan
PUI : Internal Emergency Plan
PPRT : Technological Risks Prevention Plan
PPRM : Major Risks Prevention Plan

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