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Industrial cleaning

Frequently asked questions about the Industrial acoustic cleaning:

What benefits will we have using a continuous sonic cleaning device?

Financial benefit:

the sonic cleaning device will keep your installation clean all the time. The low clogging in your installation will allow your plant to have a consistent and durable production. Higher productivity of the site.

Human/security/technical benefit:

a continuous cleaning significantly reduces the human intervention for device’s cleaning, and is translated into a significant reduction of the shutdown and increases the human security.

How does the sonic cleaning work?

SONOFORCE® system:

the acoustic device that is part of the sonic cleaning system is equipped with a membrane. This membrane generates sound by means of air pressure released into the SONOFORCE.

INSONEX® system:

the resonance of the tube fixed outside of the installation that has to be cleaned (the end of the tube enters into the installation) is achieved by means of the air pressure that is released into the tube. This resonance, called infrasound, has a frequency below 20Hz.

How should this sonic cleaning device be installed to clean properly my installation?

At ORSON, we want to determine at best the needs of our clients.
To do so, we first send you a detailed questionnaire to fully understand your needs in terms of cleaning (technical characteristics of the plant, clogged areas, type of sediment causing the clogging, current cleaning system in use, results …)
Then, at the end of the case study, we organize a meeting at your industrial site in order to validate the installation of our system in your plant.

On wich kind of installation can sonic cleaning be usefull?

Furnace, boiler, air heater, air cooler, heat exchanger, filters, silos, fan, cyclone, etc….

How many devices are needed to clean my installation?

A detailed study is necessary to determine the number of devices and their installation in your plant to get the best results from the continuous sonic cleaning.

What substance is the cleaning system able to clean efficiently?

The acoustic energy can work on a large number of substances
Combustible material and waste of thermal power stations:

  • Oil
  • Wood
  • Coal
  • Red liquor
  • Garbage and household waste
  • Black liquor
  • Turf
  • Fuel oil
  • Organic waste (biomass)

Food and chemical industry powders:

  • Skimmed and whole milk
  • Fat
  • Egg white
  • Coffee/Chocolate
  • Whey
  • Animal food
  • Fertilizer
  • Washing powder
  • Detergent
  • etc…

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